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TMJ Symptoms: Numbness in Arms, Hands & Fingers

There seems to be no rhyme or reason…

sensationThe muscles and the nerves in the jaw and face are extremely complex and intricately connected. Therefore, when your bite is unaligned, the nerves and muscles are also affected. This misalignment can result in the muscles throughout your face, jaw, neck and shoulders to go into spasms. The spasms then pinch the nerves that lead down your arms.

The result of all of this?

A feeling of numbness and tingling in your arms, fingers and hands.

Just under half of all individuals that battle TMJ have expressed a sensation of pricking, tingling or numbing on the skin in their hands and fingers. Additionally, many times they report it accompanies a reduction in their grip strength.

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Explaining symptoms away?

Without knowing its connection or relate-ability to TMJ, most times people have explained these symptoms away. And because muscles spasms come and go, the numbness comes and goes as does the variations in the intensity.

appleNumbness and tingling can occur with or without other painful symptoms. As it relates to the TMJ, numbness in the hands and fingers are one symptom that doesn’t seem to have a time or manifestation schedule. It doesn’t seem to be predictably related to a person’s discomfort.

On occasion, an individual will report that their extremities become cold, even changing color to a very pale or bluish tinge. The pinching of the nerves and the tiny muscles around the blood vessels causes this sensation. The squeezing or pinching of the nerves can alter blood flow and ultimately affect your extremities.

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