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How TMJ / TMD Can Affect Your Life

More than meets the eye…

more_than_meets_the_eyeIf you did read the ’causes and symptoms’ pages, you might be thinking “okay, now I understand how TMJ works. I understand the connection and I understand the importance of a properly functioning jaw joint. But does anyone understand how it’s affecting my daily life?”

Yes. We understand.

TMJ not only impacts your body, it directly affects your soul.

  • It can re-arrange your life
  • It can dictate your social behavior
  • It can control your personality and your character

Most everyone wants to live their best life. You want to be free to express yourself; the real you. Not the you that has been living within the confines of TMJ.

Is TMJ Causing Your Suffering?

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Living with pain isn’t truly living.

bad_effectsWhen you are living with the symptoms of TMJ, chances are you are living in pain. Years dealing with an unaligned jaw, a bad bite and constant strain and stress on your muscles has left you feeling defeated, weary and overwhelmed.

The pain associated with your TMJ has perhaps left you a changed person. Constantly battling your symptoms, you are cranky and irritable. You are starting to take out your frustrations on your family, your friends, your co-workers and everyone around you. Your personality is morphing into someone you don’t even recognize. It’s not the real you talking, it’s the TMJ-afflicted you.

When someone is truly living in pain, they feel as though no one understands their plight. They feel isolated and cut-off from the outside world. They are desperate for relief yet that relief seems unattainable. More than anything, they feel alone.

You are not alone. We not only see situations similar to yours each and every day but we offer options. We offer an accurate diagnosis and treatment options that will correct your problem and begin healing your life. And more than anything, we will offer you the support, compassion and kindness that truly communicates that you are not alone.

Healing is just a step away. Let us take that step with you. Contact us today for your free consultation and start the process of taking back control of your life.

When your mouth doesn’t work properly…

mouth_not_workingFriends invite you to dinner parties and you respectfully decline.

When colleagues ask you for lunch, you tell them you already have plans and make a quick escape to ensure you aren’t spotted.

Social functions strike apprehension and anxiety within and you run down your list of excuses just to avoid being asked.

Any of these scenarios relate to you?

When your mouth isn’t functioning properly, it affects every aspect of your life. Eating becomes awkward and cumbersome. The loud clicking and popping sounds when you talk, swallow or yawn – are embarrassing.

You are most likely getting tired of having to explain and getting tired of avoiding certain situations. All you are asking for is a mouth that works; a mouth that chews and talks and functions the way it should. We want that for you too.

TMJ - Real Life Stories

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Your face will change – along with your personality

One look in the mirror and you are reminded that something just isn’t right. You might not be able to pinpoint the exact cause but something on your face is changing. The subtle changes you see are altering your appearance and perhaps you don’t like what you see.

The affects of TMJ have possibly left your mouth, well basically, in a mess. Maybe your teeth look shorter and your gum line is more obvious. Perhaps you see changes in the shape of your face. Perhaps your bottom lip is starting to roll out and maybe jowls are forming on the side of your jaw. Creases are possibly appearing on the sides of your mouth and they are growing noticeably deeper.



Are you increasingly more self-conscious about your looks?

Is the emotional toll it’s taking on you becoming exhausting?

Does your appearance make you feel unhappy?

Remember the time when you would smile whole-heartedly and not cover your mouth with your hands. Wouldn’t it be great to enthusiastically greet a Friday night rather than stay in alone, not wanting to be seen in public. There was a time when you weren’t embarrassed and constantly consumed with your looks.

Help and hope

Treatment will make you look younger, feel better and become your former self again. There are countless consequences to your TMJ symptoms and not all of them are physical. The emotional and mental outcome is just as damaging, just as real and just as difficult.

  • You don’t have to be a victim of TMJ
  • You don’t have to let this control your life
  • You don’t have to declare defeat

You can take back control and be the one in charge of your life. Let us help. We understand what you are going through and we understand the best way to get you where you need to be.

Really, what are the alternatives? More pain, complications, embarrassment?

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