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sleepingIt’s morning. You’ve got sleepy eyes, and the covers are still wrapped around your body.

Things are not too bad.

THEN – while you lift your head from the pillow – you are consciously aware of your situation:

You are living with a Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. (TMJ or TMD)

…You might have severe headaches, facial, jaw, neck, or ear pain, tenderness in your shoulders, or your entire body hurts.

…Maybe your mouth is clicking, popping or clenching at embarrassing moments. Last week, while having diner at your friends’ house, you couldn’t even open up your mouth properly.

…Or, the last time you looked in the mirror, you didn’t like what you saw. Your face is changing because of your worn teeth – and your not getting any prettier.

Do you feel depressed, sad, confused, angry, or dead tired because of TMJ? You’re not alone. In addition to the physical agony, the emotional cost runs just as deep with many people.

Don’t let TMJ ruin your life. It’s time to take action.

You’re off to a good start with exploring this website…

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How TMJ / TMD Can Affect Your Life

Is TMJ Causing Your Suffering?

Not sure about your TMJ condition? Do the test and find out right now what's wrong and... what to do about it.

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I’m in pain…

I’m in pain…

Is pain controlling your life?

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    My mouth isn’t working right…

    My mouth isn’t working right…

    Are you feeling ‘zipped’?

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  • I’m looking older than I feel…

    I’m looking older than I feel…

    Not sure how to put a stop to the march of time?

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  • TMJ - Real Life Stories

    Read real stories about real clients and their real life changing experiences.


    WAIT and it’s going to hurt more

    WAIT longer and it will be more expensive

    WAIT even longer and it can potentially damage your life

    We certainly don’t want to make this sound more alarming than necessary, but a TMJ disorder can get pretty serious. We created this website to help you understand the complex causes, symptoms, and effects of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ). It will also help you to make some important treatment choices. Choices that can improve the quality of your health and improve the quality of your life.

    Whether for yourself or someone you love, we assume you’re looking for some real solutions.

    You will find them right here – right now.


    “Somewhere along the way, I realized it isn’t the teeth I particularly cared about. It’s the people.”

    TMJ symptoms could appear as: severe headaches, dizziness, jaw ache, jaw clicking, teeth grinding and clenching, congested or ringing ears, stabbing pain behind the eyes, sore neck muscles, tight shoulders, facial pain, numbness in arms, hands or fingers and postural problems.

    Please, if you experience any of these issues, contact us for a consultation.

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